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Indigenous people have been ingenious creators, scientists, and artists since time immemorial. AIAD capitalizes on these cultural strengths to provide our students with rigorous and meaningful learning opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). STEAM allows our students to engage in critical thinking while developing creative solutions to real world problems.

Our rigorous STEAM curriculum is aligned with the Colorado State Academic Standards. Our students engage in fearless critical thinking and creative problem solving through the use of technology, inquiry, and collaboration with others. AIAD teachers incorporate drama, dance, music, and visual arts throughout all core subjects to ensure that our students have every opportunity to engage in creative expression and innovative thinking.

Download our high school curriculum here

Students will experience:

  • Rigorous academic content from an Indigenous and social justice perspective;

  • Hands-on, meaningful, and relevant learning;

  • Multiple opportunities for artistic expression;

  • Problem-solving real life issues around air, land, and water;

  • Learning from community elders;

  • Support for physical, emotional, and mental wellness;

  • Extracurricular activities that include traditional games and sports;

  • Lakota, Diné, and Spanish language instruction;

  • Leadership opportunities;

  • Community service learning;

  • Tribal history and culture;

  • School as part of extended family.


Indigenized STEAM is a set of learning experiences that combines multiple content areas with an Indigenous teaching framework. Students learn academic concepts by seeing, doing, and having conversations about topics that reflect their culture, both traditional and modern, as Indigenous youth. Teachers help learners create action plans and learning goals focused on traditional knowledge, social justice, and community building. Through these experiences students learn about their culture, empower themselves and their identities, as well as meet Colorado Academic Standards.  

Grade level themes and anchor questions:

Download below

Sacred Learning Path

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